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Healing Naturally With Essential Oils

More and more people are concerned about the safety and side-effects of prescription drugs and medications. And with the health care debacle going-on in the United States Congress, and the high cost of health care generally, people are searching out alternative forms of healing. One type of alternative medicine that is gaining popularity is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is simply the healing of ailments naturally by using the body’s own, natural healing abilities triggered by the smell of certain chemical compounds contained in essential oils from plant.

The Truth About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the extracted aromatic essences of specific plants, seeds, flowers, bark etc for healing purposes, or to promote well-being and health. It is widely perceived as being relaxing and non-invasive, and can be of help to some people when not used in place of conventional medicine.

Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil From the Amazon

Copaiba Balsam – What is it? Where does it come from? Copaiba Balsam is a resin/tree sap from the Amazonian Rainforests of South America like Brazil, Peru, Argentina to name a few.

A Closer Look at Essential Oils

We usually read or hear the term essential oil every now and then, from labels of soaps to casual conversations with girl friends. But do we really have enough information to say that we know what essential oils are? Let’s start by defining what it is. Essential oils are concentrated liquids that were derived from plants, usually through a process called distillation. The part of the plant is usually steamed and the liquids used are further reduced in order to produce a concentrated liquid.

Aromatherapy – Then and Now

In the recent decade, aromatherapy has done a come back in our society. But it has been around since the ancient times. In the olden days, aromatherapy was commonly identified with medicinal purposes. It was a form treatment to cure certain illnesses in folk medicine. Since the essential oils and other materials used in aromatherapy usually come from medicinal herbs and plants, it was seen to have a positive effect in treating simple skin diseases to more complex internal ailments.

A Variety of Treatments With Aromatherapy

Touch is incredibly an essential part of human contact. It helps and aids us to feel connected and loved by those around us. Massage uses touch through rubbing or kneading of parts of the body to aid and provide circulation, relax the muscles, or provide sensual stimulation.

Facts About Essential Oils

Essential oils have a lot of benefits. Learn more about essential oils.

Benefits of Lavender in Aromatherapy

Today aromatherapy is used by many to treat physical and mental conditions. One of the most common scents that is used is lavender. It can work in many different ways, which makes it a very versatile essential oil to use with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy For Babies

I have always thought Asthma and Aromatherapy are unlikely to blend together, thus, when her pediatrician suggested aromatherapy for babies as a supporting treatment and therapy for my own six month old asthmatic baby, I was shocked. My state of disbelief and curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look into and research further on aromatherapy for babies and its possible curative effects. What I have learned has improved my standpoint for this kind of alternative medicine.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Defined and How is it Used in Aromatherapy

Many people are curious about Aromatherapy. The word Aromatherapy gets over eight million results when typed in a search engine. Many people wonder where the oils come from. This article will define Black Pepper Essential Oil and how it is used in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy in the UK

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic practice of using essential oils extracted from plants, trees, flowers and organic herbs. Commonly categorized under alternative medicine, the practice of Aromatherapy has long been observed in places like Asia and the Middle East and is vastly known for its healing capabilities for both mind and body.

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