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Benzoin Essential Oil

As with most essential oils the Benzoin Essential oil has a wide variety of uses. It is especially helpful with helping you to uplift your spirits and get a positive outlook back. There are other practical uses that can help you with Throat Infections and eczema. You can use this essential oil in a bath, as a lotion or in a diffuser.

The Most Popular Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most used aromatherapy oils throughout the world. This is mainly due to the fact it is so safe and also because it has so many uses, We will look at some of the main areas Lavender essential oil is used in and how it could benefit you.

Why Natural Remedies Work and Drugs Don’t

The intent of this article is to merely ignite the thought process of overturning this culture of sickness by learning why natural remedies work and drugs don’t. Living naturally today is more mainstream and easier than people think.

Bay Essential Oil

Bay essential oil has a variety uses ranging from a manly fragrance to a cosmetic aid. This product works well as a hand cream care and circulation booster. It will even help you to overcome shyness.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Other Emotional Distress – How Aromas Enhance Healing

Why do therapeutic essential oils work so well as natural remedies for anxiety and other emotional health issues? Consider that our brain is actually three superimposed brains, which relate to the evolutionary process. The second of these, the limbic brain, is also called the brain of the passions. It is in charge of emotional memory. Our sense of smell is tied most directly into this area-the “heart” of the brain-the area of passion and pleasure. That’s why essential oils can work so well for helping with addictions, weight loss, and other stubborn issues tied to the emotions. Learn how the process works here.

Aromatherapy – Why Not Try It?

As synthetic drugs start showing their true long-term negative effects, natural remedies are growing in popularity. Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. This articles looks at the definition of aromatherapy and asks you to consider using it to improve your health and well-being.

Natural Sinus Remedies Using Therapeutic Essential Oils

Sinus infections can produce severe and long-lasting problems including headaches, ear aches, dizziness, toothaches, facial pain, pressure in the head, loss of smell, fever, a stuffy nose, and lots of mucous discharge that spreads and causes more infection. Even after you think your sinuses are clear, you can have residual symptoms of the infection hiding deep in your sinuses. These home remedies using essential oils can work wonders where other treatments, especially antibiotics, fail to produce permanent results.

Natural Remedies for Bronchitis Using Therapeutic Essential Oils

Don’t give in to convulsive coughing and drive your body into raging bronchitis. Instead try these simple home remedies using therapeutic essential oils.

Highlighting Essential Oils – Lemon – The Power Cleanser

Lemon oil has many traditional uses. It is a powerful antiseptic (Antiseptics are antimicrobial substances that are applied to living tissue/skin to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction.) and can be an effective means to improve the bodies circulation. It is a considered to be an excellent antibacterial agent.

Ten Reasons To Use Essential Oils

Wondering whether essential oils are worth trying? This article explores ten compelling reasons to use them on a daily basis – they are not just for helping your bedroom smell nice!

Essential Oils for Eczema

Eczema is something many people suffer from on a daily basis or during certain times of the year. Aromatherapy has become a great form of alternative healing and there are some essential oils for eczema that will help with inflammation, moisturization and stress relief.

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