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Citrus Essential Oils

Sunny, bright, fresh, clean – these are some of the descriptions I have heard about the group of essential oils that are extracted from citrus fruit. Citrus essential oils are located in cells close to the surface of the fruit’s skin. It is the essential oil we are capturing when we zest oranges or lemons to use in cooking. And it is also this which gives citrus fruit their characteristic aroma. If you have ever been squirted in the eye when peeling an orange, then you have been hit by the fruit’s essential oil!

Lavender – How Do I Love Thee?

I used to hide a grin when my friends would tout the marvels of essential oils. Then I tried them. Now, I’m a believer. Lavender truly is a wonderful friend. No wonder it is known so well, used so often, and for so many reasons!

Report Says Lavender Aromatherapy Can Improve Academic Performance

Lavender oil is often used to treat skin conditions. A new report from Jakarta suggests that lavender aromatherapy elevates academic performance.

Why Should You Use Aromatherapy Products?

You should use the aromatherapy products to relieve certain ailments typically treating at home. These reasons can be from having trouble sleeping to stress along with a whole range of other problems. Essences from plants, flowers and herbs can be used in this type of therapy.

Essential Oils Safe Handling

Essential oils are used extensively in Aromatherapy and they are becoming common place in most homes as fragrances, in this article we aim to help you understand a little about these oils, their uses and their application. These oils have found a place for massage, in the sickroom, the bathroom and to freshen up and make fragrant the air in your home,use them safely and you will be rewarded with a fragrance to suit your mood.

Breuzim – The Essential Oil From The Jungles of the Amazon

Out of the Amazon Jungles of Brazil comes an essential oil unique in its ability to aid in brain function. Breuzim has been used for centuries by the people of Brazil, but only recently has it been introduced to the United States in an essential oil blend called Brain Gem.

How Aromatherapy Works?

What is aromatherapy? How can we apply it to our daily functions? What are the benefits?

The ABC’s Of Producing Essential Oils

Producing essential oils can either be a simple process or more complex. Three different methods are used but each gives one some beautiful scents. Read on to see how your favorite essential oil is made.

Making Your Own Homemade Bath Gifts Is Fun And Easy

If you have never tried homemade bath products then you are in for a real treat. You can make your own bath and beauty products right in your kitchen using easy to find supplies like herbs, salts, oils and butters. Homemade bath products make great gifts for friends and loved ones!

Clary Sage Benefits

When I first saw Clary Sage ( salvia sclarea ), I was attracted to its shape and the way it sprouts. Straight up with flowering purple, pink or white tops on long stems about 3 feet. The leaves grew in pairs below the flowers and were big and heart shaped.

Overcome Stress Using Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is an organic and natural way to cure stress and anxiety related illness. Aroma therapy is an ancient method to treat psychological illness. In this world of technological development the number of people having stress related disease is increasing considerably.

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