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Chamomile and Its Use in Aromatherapy

Chamomile is basically an herb which grows in Hungary. Chamomile oil is used in aromatherapy due to its various benefits. The relaxing benefits of this essential oil are highly effective.

Natural Remedies for Sleep? Sleeping Beauty and the Queen of Plant Extracts

Are you seeking a natural remedy for sleep difficulties? Perhaps an alternative to the traditional drugs? Find out about a holistic, natural remedy for insomnia here.

Guide to Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffusers as the name suggests are type of machines or devices that help in dispersing aromatherapy scents all around. These devices come in filling and refilling forms. The first one allows filling and in the second one refilling of non-liquid scents is done. Also available are pre filled forms wherein the cotton soaked aroma oil scent is already filled.

Japanese Incense – Give It a Try

Do you enjoy incense? Try Japanese, you will be glad you did!

How and Why to Use a Botanical Toner

Tips and suggestions for using toner. The difference between a botanical toner and conventional products. How to avoid irritation from using toner. Face and body treatment with toner. Which kind of cotton to use with toner.

Can Aromatherapy Help Me?

We all experience times when we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. There are many things we can do to help ourselves naturally such as exercise, quality sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods. But, did you know that aromatherapy can also help reduce stress? Read on to find out more.

Peppermint Oil Guide

Peppermint oil is derived from the M.Balsamea, or otherwise known as the peppermint plant. Like all essential oils, distillation is required to harvest these liquids. M.Balsamea is a naturally occurring hybrid plant between the Spearmint and the Watermint plant. Originally though to be a distinct species when it was first found in the eighteen hundreds, further tests pointed it out be an actual hybrid. While they were originally found only in Europe, it has been introduced to many regions throughout the world as it has become a major cash crop. It is somewhat of a short plant with a maximum height of about twenty nine inches. It reproduces via vegetative reproduction as most peppermint plants in the wild are sterile.

Aromatherapy for Coughs and Colds

Winter is a prime season for colds and flu. But aromatherapy and essential oils can help. Prevention is always better than cure. Help stop the spread of germs by using the antiseptic powers of essential oils around the home.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is an essential oil that is harvested from a few main species of almond trees across the world. These trees used to be naturally occurring in the Middle East and Asia but has since been introduced elsewhere as it has grown to be a major cash crop. The almond oil itself is harvested from the kernel or “nut” via pressing (cold press, hot press). By body weight, each kernel can contain up to forty percent of oil. The oil itself is rich in fatty acids, with most of its composition containing Omega 9 fatty acids (60 percent), Omega 6 fatty acids and saturated fatty acids.

Lavender Essential Oil to the Rescue

Whenever I travel I always take an “emergency kit” of essential oils with me. One of the essential oils I find most useful to have on hand is lavender. Thinking back to the times away from home when I’ve had to use it, many incidents come to mind.

Lavender Oil Review

Lavender oil is an essential oil that is commercially important to the perfume and cosmetics industry. Lavender is especially fragrant, which is why it is extensively used in perfumes, shampoos, hand creams and various soaps. As there are various species of the lavender shrub around the world, the oil itself will differ somewhat in density. Lavender that is harvested from the foothills of the Himalaya’s are particularly prized in the world of aromatherapy.

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