Trump’s attempt to withhold documents related to Jan. 6 attack blocked

Intention And Creating A Sacred Space

What is an Intention? To have in mind a purpose or plan, to have meaning and direction, to aim for and achieve a desired outcome. With this the Universe can align to make what seems to be impossible possible.

Aromatherapy Solutions for Stress Anxiety and a Healthier Life

100% organic essential oils have many healthy benefits. I believe that more people would use therapeutic essentials oils if they were aware of the great benefits that these oils provide. Discover simple ways to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and numerous other problems we encounter in our daily lives.

A Highly Importance Product – Organic Essential Oil

Organic oils are the liquids of plant origin that are obtained through various methods. These organic oils are of great use in this modern and advanced life style where every day is hectic and full of tension.

Aromatherapy – Grief And Healing The Heart

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves or other people who are grieving is to give them a safe place in which to experience and express their pain. It is very important for the person grieving to be able to express their feelings and talk about their loss or traumatic experience. This helps one to feel supported and know that they are not alone, and that they are being heard. Comfort is so important for the grieving person.

Use Peppermint Essential Oil to Improve Your Memory, Digestion, and Breath

Learning about the benefits of peppermint essential oil can help you improve your memory, ease your digestion, and increase your sense of taste. Various methods of diffusion, inhalation, and putting a few drops of the oil in water are simple enough to use and can be used quickly. Following is a brief fictitious story depicting the benefits of using this oil and how to use it.

Intimacy Opens Your Heart to Beautiful Lovemaking

Here, I will share recipes and essential oils, however keep in mind that our own smell preference is vital. We each are individuals and may have some aromas that we either love or simply cannot stand to smell for whatever reason, which is not always known. Be mindful of the essential oils you choose to use and make sure that you find the scents pleasing for optimal results.

Revitalise Yourself With Aromatherapy

Are you tired, working hard and all you want to do is go home and relax? For some of us it isn’t always possible to go home from work, put our feet up and chill out! Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has the ability to promote motivation, energy, strength, endurance and much more.

Get Rid Of Tension Headaches With Wheatbags

  It has been reported by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project that in the year 2008 2.4% of all emergency room visits in the United States were due to headaches. This accounts for over 3 million visits per year just for headaches alone with women accounting for three out of every four patients.

Essential Oils and Your Skin

This article discusses essential oils, what to look for when buying wholesale and how to get the most benefit. Essential oils are found in most skin-care/health and beauty products, learn how to get the most from them.

Insomnia And Aromatherapy

Insomnia is such a common problem! Aromatherapy and essential oils can definitely help and support you on all levels. It is very important to understand and know the source that is causing your insomnia.

Soothe Your Senses With a Relaxing Aromatherapy Session Using Camphor Oil

Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to forget all your worries and relax all your senses. With so many aromatherapy spas getting flourished in every corner of the world, finding a right place for aromatherapy is not difficult.

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