‘We have barely scratched the surface’ of the medicinal value of plants: Expert

Energy Boost by Diffusing Essential Oils

I have been training in the Martial arts for about 16 years, and still going strong. Some days you have all the energy you want to kick to grapple to punch to throw. Other days however, there is much that is lacking in the energy and motivation.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles And Other Natural Items

While people are demanding more naturally based products, more companies are starting to meet the demand. The public is becoming more knowledgeable about what is good or not good for our environment, and our bodies. Since candles are a preferred choice for scenting the home, consumers want them to be made of natural substances. The traditional candle is made of paraffin which is a petroleum based product. They emit carbon dioxide into the air in the home.

The Soothing Effects Of Aromatherapy Soy Candles

There’s nothing like the soothing effects of aromatherapy soy candles after a long days work. If you have been feeling sick with a cold, sinus infection or just feeling stressed or a bit poorly, you might be interested in learning about the benefits of aromatherapy soy candles with essential oils.

Aromatherapy Soy Candles For Work & Home

Whether you’re a teacher, doctor, or stay-at-home mom, life moves pretty fast, and the daily stresses and anxieties that build up can sometimes become overwhelming. Choose a natural de-stressor by burning aromatherapy soy candles to create a warm and relaxing mood around your home or office. Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that uses essential oils, meaning the purest essence of a plant, to produce physical and psychological effects. The particular plant combination that is used will depend on the desired effect. In addition to essential plant oils, aromatherapy employs other natural ingredients such as salts, cold pressed vegetable oils, sugars, milk powders, clays and muds.

Benefits Of Using Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Scented candles are widely used in creating a relaxing environment either in the home or in the office. However, all natural candles are gaining in popularity as well. This is because people nowadays prefer the healthier and naturally made candles than the traditional candles that are made from paraffin wax. The essential oils that go with these vegetable wax candles have been proven to provide not only relaxation and rejuvenation but also improvement in physical and emotional health and overall well being of a person. The following are list of benefits of using aromatherapy soy candles compared to the customary candles.

All Natural Aromatherapy Soy Candles

Aromatherapy may be a newer word used in today’s world but it has been a concept that has been around for many years. It is the thought that using essential oils in a defined space brings tranquility to those who enter. Essential oils, also called volatile oils, are liquids that have been taken directly from a plant.

Essential Oil Profiles – Grapefruit

For a refreshing, bright, and uplifting aroma try diffusing Grapefruit! It blends beautifully with all other citrus oils as well as Rosemary, Palmarosa, Geranium, and Cardamom.

Blend With Unique Carrier Oils and Butters

Creating body butters and essential oil blends with carrier oils has always brought me (and my skin) great pleasure! When creating an essential oil blend in a carrier, get creative. Choose from a wide variety of butters and oils. When deciding, think about consistency, the therapeutic properties of the carrier, and the intention of your blend.

How Bergamot Essential Oil is Made

About two years ago, I traveled to Calabria in the south of Italy to visit an organic Bergamot distiller. Distiller Giuseppe Cuzzupi and his sister Elena warmly welcomed us at our hotel with regional bottles of Bergamot aperitifs and Bergamot jam. We drove along the coast and the rural countryside of the toe of Italy to Giuseppe’s Bergamot production plant. Here we learned how the rinds of the fruit are transformed through an abrasion and pressing process into the bright olive green essential oil we all know and love.

Ten Aromatherapy Remedies For Common Health Problems

When arthritis acts up, a blend of aromatic oils massaged into sore joints will help. Add 6 drops each of rosemary and chamomile to 4 ounces of a carrier oil. For extra relief, add 10 drops each of rosemary and chamomile to a warm bath and soak for ten minutes. Other recommended oils: cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, vetivert.

A Little About Aromatherapy For Anxiety and Stress

Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to treat physical, mental and emotional health through the topical application of essential oils. Aromatherapy can be used in baths, compresses and inhalation, sometimes known as olfactory aromatherapy.

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